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Acting Scams

Posted on April 3, 2022 by Jonah Krochmal

The scams can be found in all forms, all sizes and shapes, and from all directions. You can also visit a reputed photographer or agent and discover she or he attempting to lure you into an acting class, sell you something, or just being dishonest--all with regard to creating a buck. And for the scammers, there's minimal police involvement, little legal action you can take, and without any punishment.

There are many scams on the market, but we've picked several doozies showing you for another couple of weeks. Here's among our all-time favorites.

Suckers Wanted

You see an ad in the paper from what appears like an established agency. In the ad, they rattle off about how exactly they will have launched the careers of so many celebrities or have booked a fantastic quantity of jobs because of their talent. Now, their ad claims, they're searching for new talent and new faces. And, what gets you a lot more excited: they claim you do not need any experience. All you need to accomplish is head to their office for an interview and you may have to be able to be considered a big star.

Dead giveaways to consider:

  • First, reputable agencies need not put ads in the paper. They're so inundated with headshots from promising actors; there is really no need.
  • Second, when an "agency" claims to possess launched the careers of celebrities, it usually isn't true, at the very least not the direction they are portraying it. They could only experienced some brief affiliation with that celebrity, brief affiliation with that celebrity's agency, or might just be making the whole lot up. Usually, when an "agency" lets you know things such as this, it really is to make you dream of stardom--just long enough to allow them to take your money.
  • Third, most actors need at the very least some acting experience prior to going to a company for representation. Although, there are several exceptions, it is extremely rare an agency will continue to work with individuals who have zero experience, aside from invite inexperienced actors set for consultation. Real agencies need experienced actors who is able to succeed at auditions and obtain booked for parts. After the actor is booked, only then can the best agency receives a commission.
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