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Acting Tips

Posted on May 5, 2022 by Jonah Krochmal

Tips for new actors:

  • DO student, experimental, low-budget, and independent films. Do community and independent theater. Remember, acting is doing--not just studying and reading about any of it. The more experience you have acting, the more you learn, the more you'll grow, and the higher your acting will undoubtedly be.
  • DO get a selection of roles. In this manner you'll stretch yourself being an actor--which can make you a far more well rounded actor.
  • DO get yourself a computer--you'll be deploying it A WHOLE LOT. It's an important tool for just about any actor to get a computer or even to at least get access to one (unless you have some type of computer, I suggest putting away some money and buying one). You will end up spending considerable time on your pc creating letters, maintaining your resume up-to-date, editing photos, and searching for work.
  • DO set up your personal acting site on the internet. This is most likely the best way to advertise yourself (second and then your headshot and resume), and it's really accessible to a person with some type of computer, 24/7. Here, it is possible to promote your latest news and endeavors, nicely display your resume, photos, and headshots, you need to include audio and videos. Discuss standout!!!
  • DO search for acting jobs EACH DAY.
  • DO your mailings every day--or each day that you discover something to submit for. Even though you don't believe you're quite right for the part, nevertheless, you suspect you could be, submit yourself anyway. Believe me, sometimes it pays off--you may inspire the film-maker or director and change their mind concerning the character. It's worth every try.
  • DO have a number of monologues all set all the time (comedic, dramatic, classic, and contemporary).
  • DO carry headshots and resumes with you all the time. You won't ever know who you'll come across!
  • DO take classes once you can.
  • DO join a theater group or company--this will inevitably keep you on your own toes!
  • DO your personal thing. MAKE your acting career happen. Write a play, stage a reading--and then star inside it. Make your personal movie.
  • DO use other actors. Establish friendships. Collaborating is excellent!
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