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Expressing Profound Ideas and Feelings

Posted on September 11, 2022 by Jonah Krochmal

The inadequacy of words becomes most apparent once the writer tries expressing ideas and feelings which are deep and thoughtful, that touch probably the most intense human emotions and profound values.

At enough time, words expressing exactly what the writer really wants to convey become difficult to select as the denotations and connotations of what inhibits the feelings or suggestions to be described, explained, or illustrated.

That is when words lack the intensity, the energy, and the rigor that the writer wishes to mention. Then the writer struggles to get the right words, the complete words, and the precise words yet cannot see them because this is the inadequacy of vocabulary.

Since the right word can't be found, usually the author resorts to the obscure, the ambiguous, and the tiny know, the academic, or scholarly word to provide the looks of erudition, but which, in place, does just the contrary. It clouds this is to be conveyed instead of clarify it.

Simplicity may be the key. Simple word tend to be exact, more understood, sufficient reason for greater common denotations and connotations. Although inadequate, they're more advanced than the pretentious, elaborate, the coy and the cute as Strunk and White reveal.