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Finding the Right Words

Posted on October 9, 2022 by Jonah Krochmal

Finding the proper word expressing a concept or an emotion is definitely the writer's nemesis. Seldom does the term chosen seem right.

To find the right word the writer should be convinced of their own feelings. Unless the writer is certain of how they're convinced of a concept, or how she or he understands an emotion it really is impossible to find the exact word expressing that idea or that sensation.

It follows that the writer's sentiment concerning the idea or feeling should be intense and sincere. If they're then your words expressing it genuinely and honest should come. But this will not mean that they don't require revision and circumspection. Each word should be considered carefully and explored for naturalness.

This search delves in to the writer's experience, vocabulary, and the thesaurus, but that is to recall words which have been experienced and so are section of the active vocabulary. Words which are area of the passive or known vocabulary shouldn't be used, because they don't have the familiarity of the active vocabulary.

The dictionary shouldn't be used to get the right word unless it really is used to augment the data that the writer already has concerning the word. In the same way the dictionary shouldn't be used to find out the proper word, the thesaurus should only be utilized to recall the proper word that is clearly a portion of the active vocabulary.

The right word should always be experienced before it must be used.