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How Do I Make My Dozen Roses Look Right?

Posted on October 22, 2021 by Jonah Krochmal

That it was hard to keep carefully the roses set up. But it is very super easy to do if you understand a few simple basics.

  • First prepare the rose by firmly taking off underneath half of the leaves and popping from the thorns (if indeed they keep these things).
  • Slice the rose slantwise under water (so they don't really get an air pocket that prevents them from drinking) and place in small bucket or vase that has hot water and flower food.
  • Be sure you hold the right size vase. Too small and you will keep these things all taking a stand straight and it'll look funny. Too large and you will have a significant amount of space to complete. This might sound good sense but trust me; all beginning designers have made this mistake.
  • You will discover two techniques I've found to be the best:

  • Fill a vase with water ¾ of just how full.
  • Take your greens (usually leather leaf) and begin putting them in the vase beginning with the outside throughout and moving inward. The greens should be crisscrossing themselves. Thus giving a good stiff base for the roses to have the ability to stand without flopping.
  • Or:

  • Have a dry vase and clear floral tape. You may get this at a craft store which is very sticky and water proof.
  • Utilize this tape near the top of the vase by causing a grid. You need to leave enough space to permit the stem and greens to feed.
  • Fill the vase with water and flower food and begin putting your greens in, identical to before, start inserting from outside towards the within stems crossing one another. The benefit to using the grid is you may use less greens.
  • Now you will be ready to place the roses in.
  • Generally in most floral designing you design from the exterior inward. But also for roses I favor the contrary. I focus on what I call the anchor rose. I take my longest stem and place it right in the centre. When you have done your greening correctly, is should stand directly. Place another 4 roses in round the first rose but slightly shorter. Continue in this manner until all roses have been placed. Now stand back and appearance at it to see if you want to make any adjustments. Then put in place the filler of your decision such as babies breath. Finish with a bow and revel in your creation.