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Learn How To Draw Faces Realistically

Posted on July 21, 2021 by Jonah Krochmal

Drawing a face isn't as hard as it looks. To draw an authentic human face, it requires mapping out the facial skin effectively before you complete the finer detail. If you want to get the most out of the article, I would recommend seated with a pad and paper and drawing each step as you read it.

To begin, focus on an egg shaped oval. Draw a line down the guts of the egg. This line will provide you with a midpoint for measuring eye separation, nose width, etc.

Next, separate the egg condition into 3 equal portions (horizontal lines) with 2 lines. The most notable of the egg will be be the most notable of the hairline and underneath of this segment would be the eyebrows. The next segment goes from the eyebrows to underneath of the nose. The 3rd segment goes from underneath of the nose to underneath of the chin.

Two of the segments turned sideways will provide you with the measurement sideways from cheek to cheek.

The measurement of 1 eye should be add up to the distance between your two eyes. The corner of every eye should fall into line with the wings of the nose.

In the event that you divide the 3rd segment (under the nose) in two, with a horizontal line, you hold the line for underneath of underneath lip. The corners of the mouth should fall into line with the center of the pupil of the attention.

The ears should be obvious from a front view as they don't sit flat privately of your mind. These points are available by locating the middle segment from the eyebrow to underneath of the nose. The ears should only stand out about so far as from the guts line of the top to the wing of the nose.

The hair can be drawn by drawing the hair from the edge of the ear up. The most notable of the hair is ¾ of 1 of the segment lengths up from the hair line.