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Magic Trick Tips to Performing Magic

Posted on October 7, 2022 by Jonah Krochmal

These will guarantee great reactions and memorable moments when performing your own future magic tricks.


This may be the most important little bit of your routine when doing magic tricks. It is possible to take a typical magic trick and transform it right into a whole theatrical event when you can develop the proper dialogue to aid your magic trick. Now that is hard to instruct but there are several common rules you need to follow.

One would be to always consider your spectators' eye. Be sure you have their attention plus they are hearing your every word.

Second is humor. Humor is what gets people in a relaxed state and sets them around be caught off guard in regards to what you are going to perform.

After Effect

Once you have performed your magic trick as well as your spectator is freaking out in regards to what they will have just witnessed, usually do not say nothing in their mind. Just stay quiet for one minute and just stare at them. I really do this constantly also it drives people nuts! They'll just flip out, curious about what just happened nevertheless, you aren't saying a word. You merely let them talk and talk and they'll build-up what just happened a lot more simply by themselves. Check it out, it works, you will see why.


You need to go in understanding that you are likely to pull off one of the primary magic tricks ever. You can not be moving in nervous or weak, it'll show and eliminate from the secret because the spectator will suspect something from the start. Practice, practice, practice and soon you can perform it blind folded. You should run into as you truly are magical and also have without doubt that in your thoughts that you could show someone something truly amazing. Your spectators will feed off this energy and can offer you more respect for this.