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What is Close-up Magic?

Posted on May 23, 2023 by Jonah Krochmal

Close-up magic is magical entertainment that occurs right before you, magic not only can you see but feel and touch. This intimacy is why is it so not the same as other styles of magic. A specialist close-up magician calls for and connect to the audience a lot more when compared to a stage magician (or any type of entertainer for example).

Most close-up magicians use common props such as for example handmade cards, coins, sponge balls and rope. And all magicians perform exactly the same basic magical effects with one of these props, making them appear, disappear, change, levitate, break and restore, and penetrate other objects. What's amazing about close-up magic is that it happens so in your area, sometimes when you are holding the props!

There are many standard close-up magic effects and standard routines used to provide them. For instance, the 'Ambitious Card' in which a chosen card repeatedly rises to the very best position in a deck of cards without the shuffling or cutting, or the 'Sponge Balls' where in fact the balls move invisibly between your magician's hands and the ones of the spectator's. Actually, these routines are freely available in the event that you care to check. Anyone can search the web and purchase books and DVDs on close-up magic, as well as the props and standard routines.

What really sets one close-up magician aside from another is how they present their magic. Actually, presentation may be the key - it really is why is close-up magic entertaining. An extremely good, professional magician will undoubtedly be creative and present their magic within an original and entertaining way. Sometimes humorous, sometimes mysterious, sometimes just plain weird and freaky. The magic becomes a car for the personality and ideas of the performer.

This is why is close-up magic great entertainment. A fascinating, strange and funny person demonstrates the impossible, weird and wonderful, right under your nose!.