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Magic Trick Tips Using Invisible Thread

Posted on October 18, 2021 by Jonah Krochmal

Have you ever gone to a magic show, sitting there mesmerized as you thought about, "How did they do this?" You may already know, magic is more an illusion, creating the vision that something is going on although it isn't. While magicians use a variety of tools of the trade, probably the most popular may be the invisible thread. Looking to get magicians to divulge their secrets linked to the invisible thread is near impossible.

However, we do desire to offer you some highlights and advice on the very best seven magic trick tips performed using invisible thread.

What is "Invisible Thread"?

The to begin the seven magic trick tips using invisible thread would be to understand what it really is. This kind of thread is truly a very fine stand of nylon used primarily so you can get small objects to levitate. For a long time, magicians caused invisible thread and their hands only, meaning that they had to be very precise within their movements for the magic tricks to seem flawless.

Today, magicians may use a low profile thread reel, which not merely dispenses the thread nonetheless it is also made to retract it.

Because of the, the magician can maintain a continuing tension at risk so are there no mishaps in the performance.

Invisible Thread Reel Size

The second tip when working with a thread reel is by using the correct size. Since different objects need various kinds of control, thread reels are created in several different sizes. Typically, the longer the tube the more distance you'll get from the reel as the more tension the less distance.

For magicians, the theory is by using small size invisible thread reels for close-up work against a more substantial reel for distance. So far as size, a stage reel is with the capacity of extending 35 feet, this means a magician could easily perform "floating bill" trick in the heart of a room without nearby walls.

However, in order to really impress a crowd, you can perform exactly the same floating bill trick outdoors by just anchoring the reel to the bottom. With this, it could appear the secret was impossible and the crown cheers.

What about Tension?

Third one of many seven trick tips using invisible thread is utilizing the right tension. As you pull the invisible thread from the reel, you will have a rise in tension. What goes on at some time is that the pull can be an excessive amount of for the thread, causing it to break. In order to put more tension on the thread reel, wind more of the invisible thread right into a wax ball. Everything you do not wish to accomplish is add additional winds on the elastic, which may only ensure it is cumbersome.

Floating Objects

Next on the list is insight into dealing with floating objects. When working with invisible thread for a magic trick, remember that you want a thing that is light enough never to sag by putting an excessive amount of weight on the thread. The main element would be to choose objects that you could easily move and keep maintaining ready in space, which explains why the floating bill is this type of popular choice. Other choices to utilize a low profile thread magic trick include ring fingers, a clear soda can, etc. The best benefit of utilizing a thread reel is that whenever you leave from your own floating object, you're actually transferring energy to the reel, that may then be utilized to help make the bill float from the ground to your hand - magically.

Those Darn Lights

Next, to utilize invisible thread, you should know how exactly to use correct lighting. In case you are a magician or simply practicing to be one and you also desire to perform tricks with the invisible thread, understand that lighting is essential. Both main things to consider with all the thread reel are source of light and clothing. Typically, the very best conditions for a magic trick with invisible thread are cloudy days and the worst, direct lighting that originates from behind you. With this particular, the light is only going to reflect off the thread, thus being seen by the audience. For clothing, anything dark will serve as a backdrop for the thread, thus rendering it simpler to see. Because of this, you should opt for lighter, non-reflective type clothing. Magic is definitely fun sufficient reason for some practice, you'll soon learn several magic tricks with invisible thread, ideal for entertaining friends and family.


The sixth of the seven magic trick tips using invisible thread is due to ways of performing the tricks, like the Hoop Pass. This is really considered one of the biggest tricks that can be done with the invisible thread reel, that involves passing a good hoop over a bill. The main element is by using a ring with a comparatively thick stock, that may put less pressure on the thread since it explains the metal hoop. Lay the hoop on the thread so it's between you and the floating bill. Then, together with your hand, scoop the ring through therefore the thread is currently on the trunk of the left hand. Next, utilize the right hand to pass the hoop on the bill. To perform the trick, whatever you do is allow thread slide faraway from the back of one's hand. Remember, that is one among many methods used in combination with the invisible thread, so have a great time practicing all of them.

Finishing the Show

The final tip is that whatever trick being performed using invisible thread and/or a reel, it will never kill the result. Put simply, you need to keep your audience wanting more.

If you carry a trick on too much, you'll lose the interest of the audience so that it would be greater to help keep the tricks short and sweet. Furthermore, put some meaning and emphasis in your performances to leave your audience with a memory of one's magic ability. We recommend you utilize the invisible thread late in your show, that will end the performance on a great note.